A Gentle Reminder… or Not

Here is a blog I started back in July… I finally got around to finishing it.

I have this one friend who I’ve known for at least 10 years if not more, we started off working together – he was my best friend, then circumstances lead us both in a different direction and we lost contact. Until recently that is and I can say it’s been a whirlwind with him back in my life. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way,

He has taken it upon himself to keep me in check…. If he reads a post that’s a bit concerning he’s on the phone to me:

  1. To kick my arse
  2. To check if I’m OK (with some arse kicking of course)
  3. Some great amounts of wisdom behind the madness that is him
  4. A shoulder to lean on
  5. And the advice he can offer to me when it comes to my new found job

A couple of weeks ago… I posted two blogs detailing my journey into the new job, my emotional journey that is and the struggles of those first few weeks, experiencing the new job, the new location, not having a vehicle and so on.

Well that very same day I received a couple of text messages:

“You are on this path for a reason, Welcome to chaos… Embrace it. Any problems or questions about the job you are doing call me… call me back”

Then another message… “Don’t make me fly to Melbourne”

So I call him back… and I have not laughed so much in a long time.

It’s was a gentle reminder that no matter how far away I am from my support system, family and friends, some in particular still have my back and will go out of their way to still be a part of my life, while others have ………..simply slipped away not to be heard from again. And I’m good with that – they no longer serve a purpose in my life or me, in their life.

So to this man of ‘Chaos’, I am extremely grateful to you for being that gentle… well somewhat forceful reminder in my life that I do have people around me that I can lean on.

Photo by Brett Sayles on Pexels.com

A Day Before My Road Trip

Wow what a Thursday it’s been – I was up and out of the door at 7am. My journey to the Sunshine Coast was rather smooth, not too much traffic, a bright sunshiny day and all is well. I met some friends (all of which I’d like to say are a part of my soul family) at my favorite café in Landsborough – Henry & Co. Hugs all around, great company and time to leave…… time to say goodbye. Little emotion going around however no tears… so that’s fabulous, no wiping the mascara off that may have provided the look of a couple of black eyes.

Next I head to Burpengary to drop off my car- it’s time to say goodbye. She did me a great service over the last 4 years, she saw me cry many a time, laugh, scream and then there were my moments of frustration and calm. For a car that cost me $200, she was a real blessing. A little sad to see her go.

Time to pick up my rental – this is where the fun begins – 12noon was my pick-up time, only the car was not ready, wasn’t even in the system, so some phone calls and yelling from the receptionist its ready to go. To my surprise in was a little hatchback, a Getz (I thought I was picking up a sedan of some sort), so I hop into the car…freak a manual (I haven’t driven one of those in almost 20 years) and the smell…. Oh my God, it’s horrible, not good; smells like someone released all they had in their stomach – vomit. Oh really, so the car …is a little disappointing. Oh but wait it only gets better….. So I slowly drive off, with a few little hiccups trying to adjust to a clutch, wow a manual. Oh I forgot to tell you – it’s on empty. Hahaha….. Oh my goodness. Waiting at the lights, about to take off and the cars not moving, OK it’s not in gear, so we put it in first and keep going only to have the little hatchback to slip out of gear as I’m driving and here I thought I forgot to put it into gear, Nope.. It’s slipping as I drive and to top it all of…. The radio does not work!!!!! Nor does the air conditioner or cigarette lighter (guess I’m not plugging in a charger anytime soon).

However, I’m still grateful for this little car that is going to get me to where I need to go – Melbourne. And that it’s not costing me a cent (to which I now understand completely as to why!)

My next stop…. Optometrist. In October before leaving the Sunshine Coast I decided it was time to get my eyes checked. I picked up my glasses; however something was not quite right. You see when I put on my sunnies; I felt like I was standing extremely high, and when I took a step, I missed the step. My reading glasses I couldn’t even see the computer screen clearly; I had to move in closer. So I decided I needed to go back to see my Optometrist of 20 years. And sure enough the prescription was too strong. It seems my right eye doesn’t want to cooperate with my left, it needs a little retraining. So…. new script on its way.

Beaudesert… my next appointment with my job search provider, running a little behind time, however all is running smoothly. Now Rachel has been absolutely fantastic…. With fuel cards in my hand, and awaiting approval for accommodation and food expenses, I’m making my way home to find some way of removing the stink from the car. I found an upholstery cleaner I had sitting around, so I sprayed… everything within the car. Now it’s a waiting game till morning. Fingers crossed; otherwise my essential oils will be unpacked and used extensively.

Dad has just left to pick my mother up to come for dinner… oh yeah. She’s emotional, sad, and everything I don’t want to be around right now, I want to enjoy the moments of happiness and excitement of stepping into something unknown and new. I would once feel guilty over her reaction and her emotions, taking the responsibility as my own, but now… freak that… she can have her shit all to herself. I am not responsible for her emotional upheaval, or reactions or anybody else’s. I am only responsible for my own.

7pm and I’m ready for bed, nodding off at the table is a big give-away that I’m a little tired. Still lots to do, however tomorrow is just around the corner, so I leave anything else for then. So today I will pack up the car (taking less than I anticipated to) and begin my journey to Melbourne. Byron Bay will be my first stop.