Stuck in their Sorrow

In this job I am learning to ……..stop, listen and actually hear their stories before jumping to any conclusions about who that person may or may not be. Learning to discern the truth from lies, their fabricated extensions of their reality, their journey into the unknown destiny of their life, a waiting game that plays tricks with their mind. Mental health – Depression, stress heavily abides over the centre of all who are held within this moment of time….. Frozen; in a never-ending nightmare.

Emotions are high, energy is heavy, and morale is at its lowest.  It would be easy to allow the energetic weight of the mental torment that they endure; weigh on your shoulders. Weighing, your own mind; to overflowing with the negative; pulling you down into the depth of their sorrow.

Their sorrow , their anguish, their inner battle of not seeing family, friends, of not being able to live their life as they intended, of experiencing so much more than what they currently endure. They share their stories, their experiences, some more heartbreaking than the next. Compassion – for each as they share, as they remember what life use to be.  Very few; live with a dream, of it ever being anything more. Stuck to live their lives without ………hope.

Lost in the abyss of in-between two realities; one in which they desire for and the other …absoluteness – being loosened of the constraints that currently hold them to a life of solitude from the outside world, being independent, to think for themselves, being unrestricted in how they choose to live their life, unlimited to explore the life they missed without conditions keeping them imprisoned.

This is the reality of the majority of those I work with daily. It’s not easy keeping my own morale up… being that bright shining light in the darkness when there is so much negative crashing down all around me. Keeping that smile on my face, listening without showing too much emotion, not becoming involved or caught up with their anguish, remaining neutral when all I want to do is give some of these lost, distraught souls a great big hug and tell them to hung in there,  it’s all going to be OK. However, for some in may never change, they may always be stuck in a world of unforgiving events and situations. For others it’s their minds that are keeping them entrapped to a life of hatred, unforgiveness and solitude; as they remain stuck in their sorrow.